Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot

There is plenty going on when it comes to races in Worcester and the main venue is the Worcester Racecourse. This is often referred to as Pitchcroft and is close to the River Severn down on the south side. The circuit is oval and also around fourteen furlongs in length as well. It is famously known for being flooded during the 2007 floods and many of the races were unfortunately cancelled.

It is regarded as a beautiful track and has many packages on offer including the family days out and also Irish Nights as well. Under 18s can go free and live entertainment is also thrown in as well.

It also has a Severn Restaurant which is in an ideal location and there are also corporate boxes and luxury lounges to match as well. You can also enquire about the business opportunities with them as well.

Many of the featured days also include charity events such as ladies days out and also Hospice events. Racing welfare events are also carried out on a regular basis and children can enter the premises free on these days as well.

Racing is also popular and this is served under the Worcester Rowing Club, University of Worcester Rowing Club.